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Child Development

Program Description

The aim of our department is to arise child development specialists who will serve children from 0 to 18-years-old, showing normal development, having special needs, hospitalized, in need of protection or at developmental risks. This department aims to arise child development specialists who are capable to evaluate and support children and, also capable to guide parents, both to prepare and implement developmental support programs. It is also aimed to arise child development specialists who are capable to use technology and scientific methods, and internalized interdisciplinary studies.

Our department offers an undergraduate education for eight semesters. Theoretical and practical courses are offered. Our students receive bachelor’s degree and a title as “Child Development Specialist” when they succeed their courses. Our graduates are employed in various institutions under Ministry of Health, Ministry of Family and Social Policies and various educational institutions, counselling or rehabilitation institutions. Our graduates also may get a second cycle degree or third cycle degree.


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